Ø  To Mr. Bai Gengsheng, vice chairman of the Chinese Writers Association, for his Introduction to my interview

“Lan Xin Sa Mei – Internationally Renowned Chinese Writer and Poet”

and for having appreciated its content;

Ø  To Lan Xin Sa Mei, afamous inspirational bestselling writer in China, the only female inheritor of Dongba Culture, a translator, a bilingual host in Chinese and English, a senior psychological consultant in China, the founder of Yulong Literary Writing Dongba Culture Academy and LanXinSaMei Academy for having taken part in our interview with her grace and wisdom;

Ø  To the famous National Newspaper Lijiang Daily for having published it, giving a chance to millions of people to read it; and

Last but not least, to my friend and fellow author, sinologist, and editor Fiori Picco, for paving the way, through her familiarity with Chinese culture in general and Yunnan culture in particular, for making me deeply love them.

Dialogue between Maria Theresa and Lyceum

Recently, I enjoyed the dialogue between Ms. Maria Teresa de Donato and Ms. Lan Xinsame, a Chinese female writer. I feel that the two hearts have “communicated in the air” and “communicated across the oceans”, and they have achieved a combination beyond time and space. , to reflect on civilization, look back on culture, talk about the fundamentals of human nature, the true meaning of love, and the possibility and ways of transcending the vulgar, saving souls and even human beings, giving people rich associations and moving. This makes me firmly believe that although the truth, goodness, and beauty in the world are often “lost in the mist, and the moon is lost in the mist”, or the truth is covered, distorted, and bullied, as long as the universe exists, human beings must be able to challenge disasters and resist power. Shining humanity, saving oneself and saving others, saving others, and literature is an indispensable spiritual arm and weapon.

Therefore, I look forward to more and more beneficial sparks of humanity, emotion, and love in their dialogue.

——Bai Gengsheng, vice chairman of the Chinese Writers Association

Interviewer: Maria Teresa de Donato

Interviewee: Lan Xin (Lan Xin Samei)