Interview by Maria Teresa De Donato

My dearest friends,

Today I have the honor to introduce you to a particular person.

Her name is Lan Xin (LanXinSaMei). She is an internationally renowned Chinese writer and poet, a famous spiritual and emotional mentor, a member of the Chinese Writers Association, a famous inspirational bestselling writer in China, the only female inheritor of Dongba Culture, a translator, a bilingual host in Chinese and English, a senior psychological consultant in China, the founder of Yulong Literary Writing Dongba Culture Academy and LanXinSaMei Academy.

There is much more to say about her, but, as usual, I prefer my guests to talk about themselves.  

MTDD: Hi, Lan Xin, and welcome to my Blog & Cultural Salon. 

I am very excited to have you here today.

LXSM: Hi! My dear Maria Teresa De Donato, and lovely readers, I am Lan Xin (LanXinSaMei), I am so happy that today we finally met. I was looking forward to this moment.

MTDD: Lan Xin, I have already mentioned several of your activities. I think your upbringing is legendary.

How about introducing yourself and telling us about your childhood, studies, and whatever else you wish to share with us?

LXSM: I was born into a cultural family in China, and my parents were very kind, upright, and highly educated. I proved to be a very special child since I was two years old. I had very strong super consciousness, such as the sixth sense, intuition, dream prediction, premonition, body sensing, and so on, and I wanted to find answers to many strange questions. Perhaps it was fate that on my 12th birthday, my mother passed away (some years later, my father also passed away on the same day, month, and time). Since then, I have become the Cinderella in the fairy tale. While attending middle school, I grew up in adversity. I became stronger in the trials of fate.

My fate changed when I was admitted to the Communication University of China. Like a phoenix, I rose from the ashes. From then on, I became a public figure and a writer.

Indeed, as you and my readers have said, my life is legendary. Especially in the past few years, so many amazing things happened to make me who I am now. All these are guided by my mission. I love China, where I grew up. It’s a great country that makes me who I am.

In fact, I would like to use my growing-up experience to tell dear readers: all great achievers must pass great tests. No matter what you have been through and what you are about to experience, please believe that everything is the best arrangement!

MTDD: I know you are the best-selling author of “As Long as the last is you,” “Meet Love, meet better yourself,” “Meet Happiness, meet love,” “Happiness Comes,” “Angel Dance,” “A Soul Called Lan” and many others. 

Please tell us about these publications of yours and what you try to communicate to your readers through them. 

LXSM: I’ve been working in the emotional and spiritual realms over the years. Twelve years ago, I wrote my third book while I was in a temple retreat, specifically for women, about the heart, spirit, and emotional aspects of growing up. That year, the book ranked No. 1 in relationships and psychology and was the best seller of the Year for three years in a row. From that book, I became a best-selling writer. The book “Meet Happiness, Meet Love”  published later, was praised as “China’s first female growth book that perfectly integrates Buddhist wisdom and urban emotion,” ” Happiness Comes ” was selected as “the most influential book in 2014”,  “Meet Love, Meet Better Yourself” has been read over 100 million times. ” As long as the last is you ” ranked fifth on the list of classic novels.

The original intention of my writing is that I can empathize with people’s desire for love and happiness in every moment, and I hope to help them get love and happiness through writing. After each book was published, countless readers wrote to report that they had benefited from the books and obtained the love and happiness they wanted, which inspired me to continue exploring the path of love and happiness.

My book is lucky to be loved by readers; for one thing, China, a land of universal love, constantly nourishes me with love, so I have compassionate love for all readers in my heart; Second, I have benefited from China’s extensive and profound traditional culture since childhood. I want to help readers learn to love, understand love, obtain love, create love, transmit love, and become love with the high-dimensional wisdom of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism that I have realized. This is my mission in this life!

MTDD: In 2016, you translated (into Chinese) the 2016 version of the world-famous “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Brontë.

Why did you choose this novel, and what inspired you the most? 

LXSM: I translated the 2016 edition of Jane Eyre. Since its release, it has been republished several times, ranking among the “shocking world Classics” and “World Classics.” Because my childhood growth experience and the protagonist Jane Eyre are very similar, so I have been particularly fond of reading “Jane Eyre” since childhood, reading at least hundreds of times; this classic has been inspiring me out of the adversity of growth. Then, as luck would have it, I was invited by a publishing house in China to re-translate this classic, and I gladly accepted the offer.

All this seems to be an opportunity God gave me after testing me. I would like to share this with my dear readers: All your hard work will not be in vain. One day it will become an opportunity to make you! All efforts will help you!

MTDD: People recognize you as a “messenger of love,” “prophetess, “expert of Chinese Buddhism and Taoism,” “guide of the contemporary female world,” “flower of Chinese literature,” and so on.

What topics do you like to write about in your publications and why?

LXSM: My original positive sayings, ” The wisdom of Lan Xin,” have been read hundreds of millions of times, and the program “Lan Xin Says Love” has been popular on countless Internet audio and video platforms, with hundreds of millions of fans.

As a writer living in the Internet age, in addition to influencing readers in the form of paper books, I need to spread the wisdom of words through the Internet. At the same time, in this multimedia age, I also need to spread the wisdom of words through audio and video forms, so there is the network “Lan Xin Says Love” program.

MTDD: Could you elaborate on that? (How did it come about? How was it organized? Why did you feel the need for it? Etc.)

LXSM: In 2019, I spent a week on a book retreat, crying from morning till night, I became enlightened during that time and found my mission in this life: to live for love, to come for love, to create and spread “The Wisdom of Love.” Therefore, I decided to share the original ” The Wisdom of Lan Xin ” with readers every day. The wisdom of Lan Xin covers spiritual growth, love, marriage, family, work, self, human nature, psychology, human behavior, and other aspects. I integrate the “wisdom of love” in life into simple and easy-to-understand words, hoping to open the door of wisdom for readers, awaken awareness, cultivate themselves, grow wisdom, meet love, meet happiness, become love, and become the best version of themselves.

At present, people are desperately lacking spiritual guidance in their hearts. Especially since 2020, mankind has been facing a global physical and mental catastrophe. Under the epidemic, people are even more insecure in their hearts, eager to find spiritual strength and guidance, absorb positive energy, find a sense of security, and get spiritual salvation. Readers also slowly became accustomed to ” The Wisdom of Lan Xin ” accompanying more than 100 million reading volumes, each up to 13.1 million.

It is my mission to keep writing ” The Wisdom of Lan Xin ” all my life, and it will be published in books in the future. Love is boundless. I love all the Chinese readers who like me and all the readers around the world who like me. I plan to translate them into English and share them with readers all over the world through the Internet.

MTDD: With your innate magical sense and extraordinary cultivation, you answer the spiritual and emotional questions for hundreds of millions of readers. Readers see you as “the most beloved bosom sister of urban men and women” and the reincarnation of the “Goddess of wisdom.” With the mission of spreading “wisdom of love,” you convey great love, incredible kindness, and wisdom.

Although there is much more to say about these aspects of yours while waiting for our next interview, where we will dig into Spirituality, would you like to anticipate something about your characteristics and your “calling in life?”

LXSM: We become ourselves in this life because of the cause and effect of generation after generation. The energy and wisdom of generation after generation are sealed in our bodies, hearts, and spirit. The key is when we can open one seal after another and extract the energy and wisdom of generation after generation, which requires the “calling,” you say to open the seal.

Indeed, the countless times of “calling in life” has led me to where I am today and become LanXinSaMei. It is mainly reflected in the magical dreams I grew up in, countless times of meditation, and countless moments of ” enlightenment ” in my life… These allow me to enter the high-dimensional space, cross the multi-dimensional world, see all kinds of things that can’t be seen in ordinary times, witness countless miracles, and witness the occurrence of countless miracles……

I will share the topic of spirituality in more detail in your future interviews. I will share the beauty and wonder you have never heard of. I am looking forward to this interview.

MTDD: What are some of the significant accomplishments you obtained so far?

LXSM: My works have been translated into English, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish, Vietnamese, and other languages. I have columns in international publications and have been interviewed by the New York Times of the United States, Turkey’s Third Eye, France, Italy, Vietnam, and other international media. 

Thank you for your kindness. In fact, I never saw these as “accomplishments”, I do what I love, and in my understanding, it has just “begun”.

All this is due to the fact that I was born in China, an ancient civilization with a long history and broad culture. I also benefit from opening a window to the world through reading world classics since childhood. I am obsessed with studying both traditional Chinese culture and Western philosophy. Since childhood, the wisdom of Chinese Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism have nourished me. In particular, since I became the only female inheritor of Dongba culture in recent years, I have benefited from the wisdom of the Dongba Scriptures.

MTDD: Congratulations, Lan Xin! Your hard work has been acknowledged and rewarded. I am very happy for you.

LXSM: Dear Maria Teresa De Donato, you have interviewed many great figures in the world, and you are a messenger of multi-culture in the world. I am grateful that you have made a lot of contributions to the communication of multi-culture, which is also your mission in this life. Love has no boundaries, and we carry out our respective missions in different countries.

Just as ” The Wisdom of Lan Xin ” said: everyone has a mission, no matter how big or small, which is the unique value of each life; please find your mission. When you find your mission, you stop caring about what it takes to be human. You no longer care about what is lost, what is endured, what is paid, what is gained, what is enjoyed… But from the broad perspective of the mission to see karma and what is going on right now… It doesn’t matter how busy, how hard, how tired. What we care about is what we bring to the people around us, what we bring to the sentient beings who are destined for us, and what we leave behind for the world. All pay for everything; enjoy it!  Because practicing the mission itself is an immense joy and enjoyment!

MTDD: Are there other projects you are working on right now that you would like to mention?

LXSM: As the only female inheritor of Dongba culture, I found in the process of studying Dongba ancient books of world memory that Dongba culture is the great love culture of all mankind and contains many eternal themes of human literature. Culture knows no borders. The more a nation is, the more the world is. I have been exploring how to take on the mission given by history and nation and make this “memory of the World Heritage” become a “human literature reader” one day. I have also accumulated some creative soul and material that will be presented in the literary form of novels, poetry, and prose.

In order to keep Dongba culture alive and to let people around the world who love Dongba culture learn Dongba culture easily, our Dongba Culture Academy is doing something important: we are compiling the three epics in the ancient books of Dongba into popular books (Dongba literary books), which are composed of Dongba, Chinese, and English. My Dongba master will create Dongba hieroglyphics, and I will be responsible for the translation into Chinese and English. I hope that the three epics can be published not only in China but also in other languages around the world. Let this precious memory of the world heritage benefit mankind, this is our great wish!

MTDD: I’m looking forward to your new work! Should our readers wish to follow you or get in touch with you, how will they do so?

LXSM: Readers worldwide are welcome to contact me via Facebook “Lan Xin” and/or Email: at

MTDD: Lan Xin, it was a pleasure meeting with you today, even though just virtually, and I look forward to our next interview.

LXSM: Dear Maria Teresa De Donato, I am very happy to stay connected with you and the readers freely, and the next interview will be even more exciting! Thank you for all the effort you put into the interview! I welcome you and readers to China, to Lijiang, to the Yunnan Province, and to our Yulong Wenbi Dongba Culture Academy. I wish you and your dear readers all the best!

Thank you very much!