“Everything is connected and it can be difficult to see all of the pieces by yourself. It makes so much sense to work with a naturopath when you are experiencing issues. Teresa has wisdom, experience and an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of the body. Her perspective has been beyond helpful. I believe that she has added years to my life (and my husband’s as he has made changes with me in support of my healing). I am so grateful that I found Teresa and that her advice and knowledge had such a positive impact. Thank you Teresa!  To have the ability to change someone’s health for the better is incredible and so powerful. It is truly a gift!” (Megan G. – Pilot, USA)

“Dear Teresa, You truly are contributing to a healthier and better life – Thank you. … You are travelling in the landscape of the soul.” (Anneli S., Minister & Author, Brisbane, Australia)

“I noticed and appreciated the great clear-sighted, precision, expertise and authoritativeness of your words that stimulate the readers, encouraging them to read with close attention.” (Giovanni T., Educator, Publisher & Author)

“Maria Teresa, You are a great Woman, an exemplary, professional, caring, sensible e pragmatic Coach. Thank you for everything.” (Alessandra, T., Author)

“Maria Teresa is an amazing woman! You’re in good hands with Maria Teresa as your personal LIFE STRATEGIST. It isn’t often that one finds another person who graciously shares her wisdom, exudes great confidence and always speaks from the heart. Meet her if you can. Speak to her. Be amazed as I am.” (Francesca D., Ontario, Canada)

“After suffering from asthma, allergies and mood swings all my life thanks to Teresa’s recommendations about diet, foods to eat and those to avoid, a complete detoxification program, her suggestions about natural supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs and advice about meditations and relaxations techniques to adopt in order to reduce stress, I have been feeling much better for more than ten months and almost as being a new person. My asthma has disappeared and my allergies have been reduced to the extent that they are no longer a problem. I am more than happy to recommend Teresa. Her professionalism coupled with her charismatic, yet caring and loving nature makes her a wonderful holistic health practitioner.”(Nicola R., Pesaro-Urbino, Italy)

“Dr. De Donato is an extremely versatile, intuitive, and creative professional whose motivational and coaching skills will help you to identify problems, weaknesses and strengths while opening your eyes to new opportunities you might have otherwise never thought of, and allow you to reach your most important goals. Thanks to her leadership and people skills, her amazing listening ability, her capacity to connect with people at an emotional level she is able to fully understand and correctly interpret your desires and needs and, in so doing, to enable you to reach a higher state of awareness and to increase your self-confidence. Her help as a Life Strategist goes above and beyond what one could ever imagine and wish for. It is very important to meet the right coach who can advise and assist you properly and who does understand what is needed and when and can effectively pass that knowledge on to you. That is why, after having personally witnessed her activity, I am very impressed by Dr. De Donato’s coaching practice and more than happy to recommend her as a highly qualified professional.” (Dr. Sherif M., Tirana, Albania)

“Thank you, Teresa. You have been a great Teacher of Life to me. … I saw your interview: You are amazing at all levels.” (Flora A., Anzio, Italy)

“Teresa De Donato is one of those amazing, insightful women. Yes, she helps people and there is no greatest mission on this earth. Teresa, You are beautiful both outwardly and inwardly. I love your intelligence and your intuition. You have a gift of wisdom. I love this pic because it captures you.” (Leslie K. H., USA)

“It’s a great pleasure for me and I am honored to share your posts and help other people to know about an Italian who lives in the US, and is a highly qualified and sensible woman, who with her words on Facebook and her book Dare to Rise has helped me so much in the darkest days of my life. Thank you, Teresa.”  (Maura B., Perugia, Italy)

“My friend Maria Teresa De Donato is an extraordinary woman full of ideas. What I love the most about her is her writing style because it combines expertise with personal experiences. Well done!” (Daniela M., Journalist & Author, Italy)