How I ended up becoming a Naturopath and Homeopath


From childhood to young adulthood, I went through a series of health conditions, such as terrible nightmares, eating disorders, and acute pains in my heart. Despite all this, neither my doctor nor the hospital could find anything wrong with me.

Eventually, those issues and pains ceased, but several years later, I faced circumstances where I felt like I would pass out. A famous neurologist identified my ‘case’ as “Piccolo Male” (a mild form of epilepsy, although I never really passed out). 

For the following two years, I was treated with strong medications, destroying my energy and love for life. I finally contacted a Homeopath. He found absolutely nothing wrong with my electroencephalograms but, on the contrary, that I was “a perfectly healthy young woman.” All the symptoms I had gone through resulted from panic attacks and had the exact root cause: my extremely high-stress level in dealing with my father’s alcoholism and PTSD. 

My personal experience motivated me to become a Naturopath and Homeopath. You can read more about me and my publications by clicking on the following link