Dearest friends,

Today another welcome guest came to visit us. Her life and the choices she has made bear witness to the importance of continuing to cultivate one’s dreams and never giving up because though we might have missed the chance to pursue them in the past, the opportunity can always present itself. We, at that point, will have to be ready to catch “the last running train,” so to speak, without missing it again.

The latter has also been Betty’s experience which I am delighted to present to you.

MTDD: Hi, Betty, and welcome to my Blog and Virtual Cultural Salon.

BB: Hi, everyone. Thank you, Maria Teresa, for the invitation. It is a pleasure to participate in this interview of yours.

MTDD: Betty, why don’t you start by introducing yourself by telling us a little about yourself?

BB: My name is Elisabetta Bianchini aka “Betty Bianchini”. I am Italian and live 40 km from the capital (Rome), precisely in Velletri, in the Castelli Romani area.

My passion is the theatre, which I have always loved; as a girl, I would have liked to attend a theater academy.

I was not allowed to do so because, being very young, I would have had to move, and my father disagreed.

Time passed, and after seven years of engagement, I married in 1976, my great love, Claudio.

We had one child, our daughter Serena.

MTDD: For so many years, you dedicated yourself to something else, then.

BB: Indeed. I have dedicated myself entirely to the family. Following and raising my daughter has been my priority. The result has been excellent. I am happy and satisfied with the person she has become.

MTDD: Being a full-time mom is also a very demanding undertaking. Having met Serena, I can only compliment you. You and your husband have done an outstanding job.

BB: Thank you, Maria Teresa.

MTDD: As for your dream, which is acting, at the least hoped-for moment, however, the opportunity presented itself for you to realize what had always been your passion.

What happened?

BB: In 1999, my father, who had been ill for some time, got worse, but before he died, he asked my forgiveness for not allowing me to study acting.

MTDD: That must have been a very moving moment for both of you, I guess: recognizing, on his deathbed, that he had shattered his daughter’s dreams.

BB: It was, indeed. Hugging him, however, I promised him that I would go on stage and that he would be with me.

MTDD: How did you finally make your dream come true?

BB: Taking advantage of an opportunity and supported by my husband and my daughter, who encouraged me not to give up, I went to the director of a theater in my city, who was preparing a show and needed an actress. I auditioned, and it went well.

MTDD: That was just a stepping stone, right?

BB: Yes, you are right. This was the beginning of my artistic journey. I attended a theater course for a few years to improve my diction. I have done many shows in my city, in nearby ones, and in the capital. I acted with professional actors, interpreting texts by great Italian and foreign authors, including Luigi Pirandello, Eduardo De Filippo, James Joyce, the veliterno (= from Velletri) Achille Campanile, and others.

In 2010 for the “Spettacolo Comico d’Autore,” (= Author’s Comedy Show), a theatrical review in which four companies participated, ours was awarded for being the most appreciated show by the public. I was the best supporting actress.

MTDD: Did you act only for the Theater or also for the Cinema?

BB: I also had two experiences in Cinema, with the Veliterno actor and director Fernando Mariani. I was the only leading actress in a short film on violence against women entitled “Dentro le Mura” (= Within the Walls) and a supporting actress in the movie entitled “Leaving from Venice.”

Having left the company for some years, I now perform as an independent actress for the Cultural Association “Sentieri Dell’Anima” (= Soul’s Paths) in Velletri.

In mid-March, still in the Association, I was the only protagonist of a particularly intense story, which exceedingly gratified me, entitled “Donna Franca Florio. The Queen of Palermo”.

This was the first show I did after three years of total covid lockdown. Everything went very well, and it was a great success.

You can imagine my happiness, that of Tiziana Gubbini, author of the text and President of the Association, and of Luigi Pisani, director of the show and professional actor.

The recovery was fantastic and, therefore, still full of ADRENALINE, I look forward to the next job.

MTDD: Congratulations, Betty, for making this dream come true and for your success.

BB: Heartfelt thanks, Maria Teresa.

MTDD: Betty, before leaving us, I would like to ask you what art and Theater represent for you and what advice you would like to give those who read us.

BB: To enjoy art and live Theater intensely for me is oxygen, joy, emotion, satisfaction, and happiness. I usually advise people of all ages not to remain with the regret of “if I had done.” Let’s find the courage to try!


MTDD: Thank you, Betty, for participating in our interview. If readers want to get in touch with you or follow you in your activities, how can they do it?

BB: Thank you, Maria Teresa, for the invitation. It was a pleasure to be your guest.

Those who wish to contact or follow me can do so through my YouTube channel, “Betty Bianchini omaggia gli Autori.”

Thanks again, and a big hug.