by Maria Teresa De Donato, Ph.D., RND, CHom

All holistic methodologies are based on the understanding and acceptance that emotions, thoughts, and the physical body are indissolubly linked to each other. The result is that whatever symptom and disease the body might be affected with, it may be caused by an emotional and/or mental imbalance.

Famous physicians, such as the German R. Dahlke, through his Esoteric and Psychosomatic Medicine, have been able to map the body and come up with a classification that proves how different kinds of emotional issues may affect the body and where. The following material is intended as a summary that might help us identify the potential connection to specific emotional and/or mental traumas or distresses through the location where the symptoms and the disease appear.

The throat area, for instance, is linked to Self-Expression issues and, consequently, to the lack of trust and the inability to express one’s feelings and emotions freely. The shoulders area is connected to the matters related to Responsibilities and the heavy (emotional) burden one experiences as a result.

The central-upper area of the body (chest) mirrors all related matters of the heart, such as grief, sorrow, sadness, loss, a sense of emptiness, helplessness, worthlessness, repressed feelings, embarrassment, humiliation, and shame. The lower-upper area of the body (beneath the breast) relates to fear and phobias issues and, therefore, to all problems linked to loss, anxiety, or loss of control.

The right upper-middle side is linked to all that relates to negative feelings such as anger, jealousy, hatred, and resentment. In contrast, the left upper-middle side mirrors issues caused by guilt, shame, unworthiness, nonacceptance, self-judgment, and self-criticism, hence, the inability to accept and receive. The middle area (corresponding to the abdomen) is linked to family issues, therefore, to all negative factors we might have experienced during childhood, be it mental, emotional, or physical traumas, such as molestation, abuse, rape, violence, and also relates to impotence and frigidity.

The lower part of the abdomen corresponds to what we could define as the Survival area, which relates to the feelings, and consequent fear, that we might not be able to overcome a life-threatening circumstance. It is strictly connected to our survival mechanism and, therefore, also linked to the Rejection (on the right) and Betrayal (on the left) areas, with the first including criticism, being judged by others, self-recognition, a sense of abandonment, and pain in the heart, and the second to the feeling of being betrayed by someone we love and trust along with self-betrayal.

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