• Speaker at TeleSummit Radio Interview on Successful Heart Living hosted by Glynis Dinsdale – Aired twice in May 2016 (Johannesburg, South Africa)


  • Speaker at Blog Talk Radio Interviews on my book (coauthored with Denis Gorce- Bourge) DARE TO RISE – Reshaping Humanity by Reshaping Yourself – A FOUR Interview Series hosted by Francesca Durham on BTR – Aired June 6th, 13th, 19th and 26th , 2016 (Ontario, Canada) 

http://holistic-coaching-dedonato.blogspot.com/2016_07_01_archive.html    or





  • Speaker at GhostCall Radio Interview on Cancer, Prevention, Nutrition and Lifestyle Habits, hosted by Briggs-Collins. Aired March 24th, 2017 (USA, UK, Canada) 


  • Interviewed by Rosa Genovese, Doctor in Clinical Psychology:   Rosa’s Interviews – Interview with Maria Teresa De Donato, Ph.D., Naturopath, Life Strategist, Author (Published February 2018) (Italy)


  • Interviewed by Tiziana Cazziero, Writer and Author: Getting to Know Author Maria Teresa De Donato – Interview with Maria Teresa De Donato (Published February and March 2018) (Italy)


  • Interviewed by Awesome Gang on my activity as a writer (Published April  2018) (USA) 


  • Interviewed by Blogger Fiona McVie on her Blog Authors’ Interviews: Here is My Interview with Maria Teresa De Donato (Published April 2018) (UK)


  • Interviewed by DCEE (Donne che Emigrano all’Estero) (Italian Expat Women)      as Special Guest, Author and Expert in Holistic Disciplines: Lavorare nel settore olistico negli USA – intervista a Maria Teresa De Donato.  (Published May 2018) (Italy)                 


  •  Speaker at Radio Italia 1 Interview as a Naturopath, Coach and Author on the program We are all Italians hosted by Paolo Aurelio Monteleone – Aired May 18th 2018 Live (Adelaide, Australia) 


  • Interviewed on  Viviallestero.com by Stefano Piergiovanni – Intervista a Maria Teresa, Italiana che vive negli USA (Published May 24th 2018) (UK)


  • Interviewed on  Voglio Vivere Così – L’Informazione per chi sogna di cambiare vita by Enza Petruzziello – La mia vita negli USA: Maria Teresa De Donato, naturopata e scrittrice da 23 anni in Texas (Published May 30th 2018) (Italy) 


  • Interviewed on .ITALIANI – La rete degli italiani nel mondo – Intervista alla Dott. De Donato esperta di naturopatia e omeopatia – by Maria Elena Saporito, Journalist (Published June 1st 2018) (Italy)


  • Interviewed on TraLeRighe – L’angolo degli scrittori (Associazione Eterna)Intervista a Teresa De Donato, Autrice, sul libro DARE to RISE – Reshaping Humanity by Reshaping Yourself (Coauthor: Denis Gorce-Bourge) – by Emilio Brancadoro, Author (Published July 23rd 2018) (Milan, Italy) 


  • Interviewed on GEArtis – Web Magazine Cultura by Francesca Rossetti, Journalist. Intervista alla Naturopata Maria Teresa De Donato, autrice di numerosi libri. (Published August 20th 2018) (Italy) 


  • Interviewed by My Book Place on my activity as a writer (Published August 28th  2018) (USA)  


  • Interviewed by Pretty Hot on my activity as a writer (Published August 29th  2018) (USA)  


  • Interviewed on Daily Cases by Francesca Rossetti, Journalist. La naturopatia secondo Maria Teresa De Donato. (Published September 4 2018) (Italy)


  • Interviewed by L’Idea Magazine – nuovo periodico online degli Italiani negli USA – by Tiziano Thomas Dossena, Author and Art Critic. Conquering The Invisible. Exclusive Interview With Author Maria Teresa De Donato. (Published September 21st 2018) (New York, USA) 


  • Interviewed on GEArtis – Web Magazine Cultura by Francesca Rossetti, Journalist. Intervista con l’Autrice Maria Teresa De Donato. (Published January 3rd  2019) (Italy)


  • Interviewed on Lo Strillo –  Periodico di Informazione, Spettacolo, Attualità,  Turismo by Francesca Rossetti, Journalist.  Perché
    ci si ammala – Intervista con Maria Teresa De Donato, Naturopata e Autrice. (Published January 30th  2019) (Italy)


  • Interviewed on Protagonista Donna – Il Magazine delle Donne by Elisabetta Valeri, Journalist. Il benessere dalla natura – Intervista a Maria Teresa De Donato, Naturopata, Omeopata, Life Strategist. (Published February 7th 2019) (Italy) 


  • Interviewed on Ragguagliami.org – “Abbiamo il vizio di raccontare cose” by Daniela Merola, Journalist. “Dalla medicina alternativa al benessere psico-fisico”, le tante discipline della naturopata Maria Teresa De Donato. (Published February 19th 2019) (Italy)


  • Interviewed on Giallo Cucina TV by Roberto Roganti, Writer and Web Radio Speaker at Radiamo –  Radio Digital Association Modena.  Intervista a Teresa De Donato sulla Rubrica “3Questions”. (Published Febraury 25th 2019) (Modena, Italy)


  • Interviewed on Book Goodies on my activity as a writer (Published March 3r 2019) (USA)


  • Interviewed on TraLeRighe – L’angolo degli scrittori (Associazione Eterna)Intervista a Maria Teresa De Donato, Autrice, sul libro MENOPAUSA – I Migliori Anni della mia Vita – by Emilio Brancadoro, Author (Published March 18th 2019) (Milan, Italy)


Public Speaking 

  • Public Speaker for some 30 years for not-for-profit organizations on topics of spiritual and religious nature and consequent application to our everyday life as individuals, couples, families, and communities.


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Books’ Reviews

5 STAR Review

“Finished reading this wonderful book, “Disease and Healing Dynamics”. I LOVED IT!! The author Maria Teresa De Donato, PhD. delivers a powerful message about health and wellness. This extract from her dissertation “The Dynamics Of Disease and Healing: The Role That Perception and Beliefs Play In Our Health and Wellness”, also published, focuses on belief, perception and individual awareness about illness. It got me thinking about many things especially a persons spiritual path to “awakening”. The author provides excellent sourced and cited case studies, revealed in CH 7, where we learn about disease at a core and cellular level. As well, the author brings to light our individual tendencies related to thinking, feeling, and sensing. Are all three ingredients necessary for transformation? Very insightful, thought provoking and demystifying. Great research here.”

(Francesca Durham ~ Spiritual Entrepreneur)

5 STAR Review

I am so amazed by how well written and how much information is in this book Conquering the Invisible PTSD. This book contains a wealth of information to not just identify and understand what PTSD is but what it does physiologically and psychologically. I found this book to be insightful, full of information and research to help combat the PTSD. I felt hopeful and at peace in knowing there are things I can do to restore myself to normalcy and to get rid of the degenerative effects of overstimulated adrenal glands, to overcome the depression that sometimes comes when I feel I can do nothing and am nothing, To confront the fears when those fears might not be justifiable. To assess the situation that is pressing those buttons, with renewed strength and courage by looking at the logic in that situation….versus the gut wrenching fear that is being expressed.
Through healing the body, mind and spirit….exercise, sunlight, eating well, choosing the right beverages….all aids in the healing process besides environmentally surrounding ourselves with the right supportive people. Thank you.

(L. Hillerman, USA)

5 STAR Review

I was fortunate enough to get hold of this marvellous small booklet on PTSD: Conquering the Invisible. As a Minister and Counsellor I often meet with challenges which are beyond my capabilities. I was greatly helped by Dr De Donato’s insights and her knowledge of herbal remedies. It also encouraged me to seek help elsewhere without feeling totally inadequate. Recommended reading for all those who are challenged or know someone who is troubled with PTSD.

(A. Sinkko, Australia)

5 STAR Review

Excellent book. The research and information is timely. Would highly recommend. (Hunting for The TREE of LIFE)

(L. Hillerman, USA)

5 STAR Review

Dare To Rise: Look no further for a book that takes you by the hand and gently guides you on a journey of what it means to live consciously. Highlighted throughout is the importance of reshaping how we think and live being mindful in our awareness. What really happens when time is taken to develop awareness by accessing love and wisdom from deep within? Dare To Rise gets the reader to think about where genuine love comes from and what’s really shaping our reality. The authors were very clever to discern our current hypnotic state and takes a closer look at living consciously. Through the lens of lessons learned and opportunities for change, do you really want to make the shift toward change? Like it or not the authors suggest change is coming. Are you ready to embrace a new world? The book teaches how to access and harness your birth right to joy and happiness through conscious living. And, if you apply what you learn in this book you’ll empower yourself, become wiser and authentically much happier on the path to living a life fulfilled. How can you be of service in the world using your talents contributing to a healthier global consciousness? Together can you really make a difference and bring about positive change for all of humanity? Dare To Rise will transform how you think about being connected to people locally, globally and question the role you play in helping to reshape the new emerging world and life as we know it. So many nuggets of wisdom inside this book . Dare To Rise Is A true GEM!!!!!! ~

(Francesca Durham (CCM) Spiritual Entrepreneur & Transformation Life Coach)